Sydney Morning Herald, Domain, December 2015

Claire Nakazawa ‘Willow’ for private home.

Claire Nakazawa is a fine arts graduate known as much for her murals as her popular gallery exhibitions, and is finding herself increasingly in demand for private mural commissions thanks to word-of-mouth. “It seems to be anyone who enjoys the arts and the creative process wanting something unique in their home… musicians, stylists, photographers and ‘open-minded’ types,” she says. “I think it is an enjoyable process for them as well – watching the artwork unfold.”

So, how does one get started? “I first ask about colours, atmosphere and if there is any particular imagery they want. It’s also good to get an idea of the client’s character and style,” Nakazawa explains. “I love it when the owner tells me the style and vibe they like and then I’m given free reign – the artwork ends up being spontaneous – and I find that provides the best results”

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Blue Mountains article for exhibition 'Land In Love' at Day Fine Art Gallery, May 2015

     Playing With Triangles 

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Claire Nakazawa, 'In the Middle of the River'

Claire Nakazawa is the original “I was spittin' that fire back when you was in the choir”, cos apart from being in an actual choir, she is also known as Chaos Emerald when performing with Hermitude. She's most of the time a visual artist - live street art and splash colour murals, but also gently emotive linework like these three sweethearts. In the Middle of the River is perhaps the beautiful meeting ground between the two, and not leaving behind fine art influences.

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